TUINHACK Challenge:
Yield Metrics

garden_dining1You’ve been gardening and are wondering what all your work has yielded. What kind of yields and how to keep track of them in a fun and easy way.

Often in agriculture we only think about yield in terms of weight or volume of harvested produce and how much money we sell it for. But the consumer has other concerns. How much pleasure or satisfaction do I get from eating this or that? Will it make me healthy or will it give me obesity or diabetes? Do I have more energy, can I remember better or am I more creative and productive? Am I having more fun? Do I get along better with my neighbors? How does the yield from the community garden contribute to my/our happiness?

Develop metrics that help keep track these high-level yields for the end-user of the Community Garden Experience. Measure how (much) this contributes to the Good Life Experience. What make you happy and how happy does it make you?

Think about technical implementation, hardware, software, user experience, marketing, promotion and economic model. Make it so!