Tuinhack 2016 community garden urban farming hackathon permacultureNEW Date: 8 & 9 October 2016.

Location:  TU/e Eindhoven.

Design and make a working prototype in 32 hours. Meet, work and socialize with 30 hackers, creatives, coders, makers and gardeners. Win one of the three prizes: best technical innovation, most regenerative yield or most radical imagination.

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Dome has landed!

On our first Work-Along Sunday we built the framework for our new greenhouse dome. A 5/8th 3v geodesic dome, with a radius of 2 meters. Height in the middle is almost 2.5 meters.

The dome will serve as nursery for young seedlings, a home for more sensitive subtropical species and shelter for us gardeners.

Still much to be done before it is finished, but we made an excellent start thanks to the help of Dennis, Harm, Inge and Leo.

We made a good start on clearing grass, laying cardboard and spreading woodchips. In the coming weeks wood chips can be used to lay out the pathways. Beds require a bit more attention: clear grass first, then fertilize, cover with cardboard and top off with wood chips.

We had a great lunch with hot home made vegan (as it turned out) pumpkin soup and great home made bread.

Join us next time on Sunday 13 March 2016 from 10AM till 3PM or anytime you like. The garden is always open and the weeks’ chores are published on our notice board in front of the garden (along De Lismortel on the TU/e Campus).

Lunch Intervention: Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

10 November 2015 • 12:45 • 2nd floor Lounge IPO Building (57) TU/e Campus

Take two ordinary things: coffee grounds and a fungus to create an extraordinary super food for both people and soil. That is the adventure we embark on. Join your guides Leo Bakx and Erling Rugsten for a free lunch experience. Take home new knowledge and your very own Shiitake mushroom growing kit.

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