Harvest Time – DDW Edition

Even totally neglected over the summer holidays, the TU/e Community Garden is brimming with great food, ready for harvest.

It may not look like it but we have a serious amount of edible flowers, Jerusalem artichokes (or: sunroot) and plenty of herbs like chives, mint, sage and rosemary.

This year for the first time we also have the winter fruit Medlar (Mespilus germanica) , and ancient race of apple that is very high in vitamine C, just when you need it most in winter. It needs frost and is best when starting to rot before harvesting. It tastes like apple pie…

This weekend feels like summer and it’s been great in the garden.

The first harvest this season is one giant clump of Jerusalem artichoke (Heliantus tuburosus), about 5 kg.

Community Garden Experience

If you’d like to enjoy the TU/e Community Garden with us, please feel free to join us during Dutch Design Week, Saturday 28 October, from 14:00 – 15:00, for some fresh mint tea and a bag of veg to take home.