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Dome has landed!

On our first Work-Along Sunday we built the framework for our new greenhouse dome. A 5/8th 3v geodesic dome, with a radius of 2 meters. Height in the middle is almost 2.5 meters.

The dome will serve as nursery for young seedlings, a home for more sensitive subtropical species and shelter for us gardeners.

Still much to be done before it is finished, but we made an excellent start thanks to the help of Dennis, Harm, Inge and Leo.

We made a good start on clearing grass, laying cardboard and spreading woodchips. In the coming weeks wood chips can be used to lay out the pathways. Beds require a bit more attention: clear grass first, then fertilize, cover with cardboard and top off with wood chips.

We had a great lunch with hot home made vegan (as it turned out) pumpkin soup and great home made bread.

Join us next time on Sunday 13 March 2016 from 10AM till 3PM or anytime you like. The garden is always open and the weeks’ chores are published on our notice board in front of the garden (along De Lismortel on the TU/e Campus).

Work-Along Saturday

Your personal invitation to join Work-Along Saturdays starting Saturday 25 February, from 2PM till 3PM.
But please feel free to share in your network.

Programme: There’s always something interesting to do in the garden. Late February till May we prepare the garden for the new growing season. During the summer we harvest berries, leafy greens and herbs. In autumn we harvest tubers and late berries and hardy herbs.

Bring a snack to share. We bring a hot drink.

Did you know the TU/e campus has a community garden?
Since 2013 TU/e staff, students and Eindhoven residents meet (ir)regularly to socialise and garden at the TU/e Community Garden, located just off De Lismortel opposite the IPO building.
We currently have 200 square meters of garden in an organic layout. We garden communally – no individual plots like in an allotment garden.
Last year we had a great harvest party with guests.
You can learn how to garden effectively in small spaces, even indoors, share experiences and stories, harvest great organic vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Features/benefits include:

  • Free membership
  • Community gardening
  • Share in harvest
  • Make new friends
  • Social and cultural activities, gardening and art build projects
  • Harvest party, BBQs, seed library, fermentation and preservation projects
  • Learn and share skills in producing your own fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit and mushrooms

Who are the TU/e Community Garden crew?

Frank Schipper, Evelien de Hoop, Leo Bakx, Chef Erling Rugsten
Harm Weerts, Dennis Klein
Supported by Ruth Oldenziel, Lillian Halsema, Henny Romijn and others.

Brief history of the garden project

2013_03_20_FirstMeeting (2)Started in 2012 as an experiment in sustainability and social community development on campus, championed by Ruth Oldenziel, Evelien de Hoop and Frank Schipper.
First year plot of 50 m2 at former building site across from IPO building, Lismortel.
Second year 100 m2. Third year 200m2, first year using permaculture perspective on site development and management. Now in its fourth year. With a proposal to relocate the garden with the new student housing buildings soon and expand operations with permanent management and programming of compelling social activities around food and cultural exchange.

Come and be a part of The Good Life on Campus now.
Save the date: Sunday 14 February, from 10AM till 3 PM. Lunch at noon.


Next to P7, De Lismortel, TU/e Science Park

Plattegrond TUe 2015 TUIN

Park View Gardens: Call for co-creators

Parkview Gardens: Technology for Sustainable Development in Action

TvO, TU/e Community Garden and Aardwerk PopUp Academy invite you to a co-creation session on the future of the TU/e Community Garden and possible synergy with the Parkview apartment building development.

The current TU/e Community Garden needs to move to another location in 2017. Ruth Oldenziel, advisor to CvB, made the brilliant suggestion to explore possible synergies with the new Parkview student housing project. The Vestide division of Woonbedrijf is developing the Parkview housing project. We connected the dots and are now in the process of specifying a project to develop the TU/e Community Garden around a new location next to the Parkview building.

Your input is essential! Please join us in co-desiging the next incarnation of the TU/e Community Garden, with special attention to cultural exchange, art and cultural community activities around the theme of real food and sustainable development.

Our first next step is a meeting of stakeholders – that includes you! During this meeting we can explore the needs and opportunities of the different stakeholders, formulating a framework for the projects and defining next achievable steps. RSVP by registering at or an email to

Please bring an A4 poster with a personal vision of your Park View Gardens. Be visual!

DATE: Tuesday 29 September at 18:00, with potluck dinner- please bring a dish to share.
LOCATION: 2nd Floor Lounge, IPO Building (57), Het Eeuwsel, TU/e Campus.