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2018 Season Opening

Due to persistent freezing weather the past week, the opening of our gardening season is POSTPONED till 7 April!

Welcome to the 2018 gardening season at the TU/e Community Garden. Our fifth growing season since it was started by TU/e students and staff in 2013.

Saturday 3 March 7 APRIL from 14:00 to 15:00h at De Lismortel, opposite the IPO building.

All students and staff are warmly invited to come and enjoy the garden, meet new people. If you like you can help out with clearing the garden for the new season, plant some new seeds and propagate plants.

We’ll serve some hot drink or soup.

If you like, please bring some food or drink to share.

Past Harvest

In 2017 we had lots of delicious raspberries, which we shared with passersby.

We had plenty of mint, lemon balm, sage, rosemary and lavender. Delicious edible Nasturtium flowers. We used all of these in the harvest party, a free food lunch with chef Erling Rugsten in October.

We also supplied chef Erling’s restaurant Food Chapter at Strijp-S with fresh herbs and Jerusalem Artichokes last season.

Furniture Project

While you weren’t looking a group of international students from the Built Environment Department designed and installed three outdoor furniture objects at the TU/e Community Garden site.

Adopt the Garden

BTW the TU/e Community Garden is looking for students to adopt it as their project this year. Maybe form a student association to develop and maintain the garden for this and future generations of TU/e students.

TU/e Community Garden
is where invention lives

Harvest Time – DDW Edition

Even totally neglected over the summer holidays, the TU/e Community Garden is brimming with great food, ready for harvest.

It may not look like it but we have a serious amount of edible flowers, Jerusalem artichokes (or: sunroot) and plenty of herbs like chives, mint, sage and rosemary.

This year for the first time we also have the winter fruit Medlar (Mespilus germanica) , and ancient race of apple that is very high in vitamine C, just when you need it most in winter. It needs frost and is best when starting to rot before harvesting. It tastes like apple pie…

This weekend feels like summer and it’s been great in the garden.

The first harvest this season is one giant clump of Jerusalem artichoke (Heliantus tuburosus), about 5 kg.

Community Garden Experience

If you’d like to enjoy the TU/e Community Garden with us, please feel free to join us during Dutch Design Week, Saturday 28 October, from 14:00 – 15:00, for some fresh mint tea and a bag of veg to take home.

Spring is here!

Last Saturday (25 March) we welcomed a group of new gardeners, from both TU/e and Design Academy.

We had a great time doing spring cleaning 🙂

And thanks to campus management we now have a very nice picnic table – a bit of a fixer-upper, but very nice. With a nice bright yellow finish it is now sitting in front of our community garden.

More to enjoy next month on Saturday 22nd April from 14:00 till 15:00h. Everybody welcome! Meet new friends, plant more herbs and veg, harvest first kitchen & tea herbs like chives, lovage, sage, mint and lemon balm.

18 March

New gardeners welcome!

Spring is on its way and the garden is coming to life again. We are very pleased to greet four new gardeners: Tatjana, Kunal, Marco en Timm.

Graphene from Cooking Oil

Your garden may be home to resources for technical innovations. Here’s one discovered by researchers from the Australian CSIRO. They have turned everyday cooking oil* into the wonder material graphene.

The new technique could make the typically pricey nanomaterial ten times cheaper to produce.

It also provides scientists with an inventive new way to recycle waste oil, while producing a material that is 200 times stronger than steel.

The material could be used to create everything from quantum computers to flexible television displays.

Read more at Nature Communications: Single-step ambient-air synthesis of graphene from renewable precursors as electrochemical genosensor.

*Cooking oil can be produced from the seeds of a variety of species. Most commonly used are rapeseed or canola, sunflower and olive. Also used are corn, peanut, palm and soybean.

Winter Is Coming

winter-is-coming-213 November is the next Work-Along Sunday. Because of the coming of winter, we’ll start in the afternoon at 14:00h. Gardening till 16:00h.

To do in November: clearing the garden of excess grass. Making it look nice for winter. Harvesting the last herbs and veggies and the first Jerusalem Artichokes (or: Helianthus tuburosus, aardperen in Dutch).

TUINHACK results


Our winners & Judges: Marloes, Markus, Kimberley, Evert-Jan,Nico, Javier, Ellen, Erik & Deovrat.

A range of projects emerged. From decorating fruit as a fun way to reconnect with food to hand-held “tricorder” for plant health to indoor nursery to empower student residents to socialize with a purpose.


Thanks judges for your great feedback.

p1100676 p1100681

Our hackers at work.

Thanks also to our guests, help desk and volunteers of MAD emergent art center and Aardwerk Co-op as well as Chef Erling (who unfortunately fell seriously ill at the eleventh hour – get well soon Erling!).

TUINHACK Challenge: Campfire Stories

1023_campfire-cogFor ages mobile communities have met at the campfire for a story and a meal. Celebrating diversity and identity. From cowboys to warriors tot refugees. From international students to expats. What does the 21st century campfire in the garden look like. What stories can we tell each other?

Think about technical implementation, hardware, software, user experience, marketing, promotion and economic model. Make it so!